MTLOA delivers investment solutions with minimal risks. We enable our investors to invest and manage their property investments seamlessly. MTLOA also puts a premium on its investors, equipping them with the right understanding to assess their investments in real-time.

At MTLOA, you have the power over what properties you would like to invest in. We have a varied property portfolio to choose from. Once you decide to invest, we have a team of professionals that will guide you along the way.

Property sharing allows investors to have a shared ownership in investment properties. The percentage of the ownership is based on the amount of the investment given. With this model, it reduces the risk of having multiple properties.

Our available properties for investment ranges from commercial to residential. We also offer properties from different locations.

Our investment packages offer a time-frame that can accommodate your financial goals in mind.

Yes. There are available exit strategies that will cater to your needs. You can either sell your share or resell your securities. MTLOA prides itself on providing quality service that fits the condition of our investors.

Expenses are indeed inevitable. But here in MTLOA, we strive to reduce your costs down to the last centavo. We streamline our operations and back-end support to reduce costs better.

Yes, like any other real estate investment, risks will always be present. However, MTLOA guarantees that these risks are minimized. We want to help you understand the process and to make the right investment decisions.

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