6 AI Tools You Can Use as a Real Estate: Boost Your Productivity

Whether we like it or not, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way agents and brokers compete for clients, service customers, and expand their business. This applies not only to our field but also to education, service industries, and others.

The only thing we can do is to remain competitive in the new reality. So, let’s look at AI tools as an opportunity to improve our work in real estate. In this article, we will explore 6 innovative AI tools that I have tested, which can help you work more productively.


ChatGPT stands out as an essential tool for any tech-savvy real estate agent. Its robust capabilities in language understanding and generation streamline numerous routine tasks.

How it helps me: As a real estate professional, using ChatGPT simplifies creating detailed property listings and engaging client communications. It aids in drafting comprehensive business plans and performs market analysis, essentially becoming a valuable partner in strategic planning.

Pros: ChatGPT significantly enhances my productivity by handling time-consuming writing tasks. Its newer iterations, such as ChatGPT-4, include plugins that extend its utility even further.

Cons: Despite its versatility, it’s crucial to remember that ChatGPT does not substitute for professional advice and may require verification of its outputs.

Cost: Enjoy a free version or opt for the premium plan at $20/month, which includes additional functionalities.

Paper Typer AI

PaperTyper can serve professionals from various fields. On this website, you can find a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, paper generator, and use these tools to create high-quality content, for example, for your website or academic work.

How it helps me: For professionals, the Paper Typer generator simplifies the process of writing well-structured and informative papers. It helps formulate arguments, synthesize research, and create draft documents, thus becoming a crucial ally in my publications.

Pros: The Paper Generator significantly increases productivity by efficiently managing the labor-intensive task of creating initial drafts. It provides a solid foundation on which users can build a more refined and polished final document.

Cons: It does not replace the critical and analytical work. Like with other generators, we must critically evaluate and supplement the generated content to ensure its accuracy and depth.

Cost: Users can access a basic version for free for up to 500 words simply by registering. There is also a monthly subscription available for $6 with unlimited capabilities, or 10,000 words for $5.


Opus revolutionizes how real estate agents create and share video content. By automatically converting long videos into concise, engaging clips, this tool is ideal for social media promotion.

How it helps me: Opus saves me hours that I would otherwise spend editing videos—crucial time that I can now invest in my clients.

Pros: The platform’s standout feature is its SEO enhancement capabilities, which improve content visibility and help attract more potential clients.

Cons: The learning curve for those unfamiliar with digital editing tools and limited customization options can be challenging.

Cost: Multiple pricing tiers are available, starting from a free plan to $19/month, with a comprehensive $114/year package offering advanced features.

Presence Copilot™

Imagine a world where a digital assistant not only organizes your schedule but also ensures you leave a lasting impression on both buyers and sellers. Welcome to Presence Copilot, the future of real estate client interaction.

How it helps me: This AI-powered tool keeps me organized and accelerates deal closures by improving client interactions and instant document access.

Pros: The platform benefits from insights shared by top real estate performers, and its branded consumer app enhances the overall client experience.

Cons: Currently, Presence Copilot is not available for immediate use as it’s still in development.

Cost: Details are pending; however, interested users can join a waitlist for early access.


In a competitive field like real estate, Beautiful.AI gives agents an advantage in impressing clients and closing deals with visually striking presentations.

How it helps me: This tool allows me to craft compelling property and market presentations like in college, where visual appeal was key, but with far less effort.

Pros: The intuitive interface lets me quickly modify images and layouts, letting smart technology handle design coherence.

Cons: Internet dependency and limited customization options can be drawbacks compared to traditional software.

Cost: Starting with a free trial, subsequent plans range from $12/month to $40/user/month, with a one-off presentation option at $45.


While traditionally not an AI tool, Canva has integrated AI-driven features that have transformed it into a powerful asset for real estate marketing.

How it helps me: Canva’s AI tools help me design standout property listings and promotional materials quickly and effectively.

Pros: The platform offers automated design features such as smart resizing, color palette suggestions, and easy image uploads, enhancing my marketing materials’ effectiveness.

Cons: Requires some initial learning and investment of time.

Cost: A free version is available, with Canva Pro offering additional AI functionalities at $119.99/year for one person or $300/year for a team of five.

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